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Please enjoy a full course dinner mainly for local materials

Using local materials

Dinner is a full course taking advantage of local materials
I am cooking.
Eight items from hors d'oeuvres to desserts
You can enjoy.
Also, breakfast handmade bread is popular!
  • Breakfast

    ·salad, fruits
    ·Egg dish
    ·ham, Sausage etc
    ·Coffee, Black tea, Fresh juice
    ·Hand made bread
    • American style breakfast

  • Full Course Dinner

    Shinshu Salmon and Shinshu Premium Beef (A5 rank)
    You can also prepare dishes with the main dish.

    ※Hall cakes can be prepared for customers such as anniversaries.(Necessary, Reservation)
  • Example menu

    Hors d'oeuvre
    ·Octopus marinated
    ·Ahige of sand and mushrooms

    ·Cabbage and meat tomato soup

    ·Azumino's Koshihikari

    Fish dishes
    ·Rainbow trout bread crumbs

    Meat dishes
    ·Hakuba Pork grilled herb grass

    ·Earl Gray's Pound Cake & Ice
    ·Coffee, Black tea
    • Please enjoy all 8 items from hors d'oeuvre to dessert

  • To customers of anniversary

     Information on Anniversary plan
    After dinner time on an important day such as birthday or wedding anniversary, we will have room service for Hall cake & Shinshu wine in your room.