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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please tell me the menu of breakfast and dinner.

     It is an example of a menu of dinner full course dinner.

    ·Hors d'oeuvres cake
           Provence style of squid
    ·Soup Minestrone
    ·Rice, AzumiContinue reading
  • Continuous stay What happens to the contents of meals?

    If you stay continuously, of course, you will enjoy a full course of different content everyday.
    (Even if you use it in a continuous stay plContinue reading
  • Which chef is the full course no matter what plan you stay?

     Whatever plan you choose, you can enjoy the same full-course menu except for Shinshu Premium Beef and special dinner plan.
  • Reservation of outdoor bath & private bath for charter.

    Reservations for private baths are reserved from customers checked in in order of your choice (from 15 o'clock in 40 minutes).) Will be reseContinue reading
  • Whichever plan you stay, can I use a private bath?

     You can use a private bath for whatever room you plan to stay in.
     Do not worry!
  • It seems that the arrival time will be delayed ....

     Please contact us if the check-in time you are visiting in advance due to traffic jam etc is likely to be delayed (especially when you can Continue reading
  • When you want to leave early in the morning, can breakfast be earlier than normal?

     Breakfast early in the morning, breakfast will correspond earlier than normal time when going outdoor sports or climbing.Please do not worrContinue reading
  • After checkout, can you put in a charter bath?

     After guests are checked out, bathing is possible if you drop in after skiing, outdoor sports, trekking, or climbing down before you go bacContinue reading
  • Please tell me the access from the nearest station.

     The nearest station is JR Hakuba Station.
    It takes about 30 minutes on foot to walk from the station.If you are asking "Transfer hope" in Continue reading
  • About cake of anniversary and party plan.

     After dinner sweets of the Hall of cakes and party plan of the anniversary plan is full course, the course of the dessert will be room servContinue reading
  • Is the rental cycle free?How about that?

     Bicycle rental is free.You can ride freely after check-in.
     Also, you can use before and after check-in if you can offer.
     Please enjoy HakContinue reading
  • Response in case the outdoor experience plan is canceled due to weather deterioration

    If you apply by outdoor experience plan and we are canceled due to bad weather we will respond with normal room rate.
     Please do not worry.
  • You can add plan changes and outdoor experiences after reservation

     Of course you can.For example, you can change to the Shinshu Beef plan, anniversary plan, etc. after reservation with two night meal plan. Continue reading
  • What facilities and amenities of the room are available?

     The facilities of all the rooms are equipped with a TV, a fridge, an air purifier and a hair dryer as well as a bath, toilet, air conditionContinue reading
  • Is there a parking lot.Is there a charge for it?

     The parking lot of the hotel has plenty of room to be in front of the building.Of course, it is free.Also, we will keep your car after arriContinue reading
  • Can I leave my luggage before / after check-in?

     We will keep baggage.Also, your car is OK.Go skiing, walk around and enjoy Hakuba well.
  • How about delivery method of lift ticket etc. in the case of a lift ticketed plan?

     We will give you a lift ticket from 7:30 in the morning when you use the lift ticket on the day of stay.
     Please drop in at our hotel afterContinue reading
  • Please tell me how to get to the ski resort.

     Misorano district is a villa with a quiet atmosphere in the woods. It is not a ski slope side so you can not go to the slopes on foot.
      BuContinue reading

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