All Anise Garden facilities are non-smoking.
We appreciate your cooperation!
★Please enjoy the delicious heart with warm hospitality.★

【Official】Petit Hotel Anise Garden

Welcome to Anise Garden

 Among the numerous Hakuba Village websites,
Thank you for seeing our site.
The hotel is smoke-free everywhere in the facility.
We appreciate your cooperation!
(If you smoke please smoke with a portable ashtray in a garden etc.)

About GOTO Travel support

  • About use

    Nationwide travel assistance is available.
    Please be assured that you will be required to complete the procedure at check-in.
    In addition to health management such as hand washing and temperature measurement of staff, this facility strives to use masks, disinfect the facility, and install vinyl curtains at the reception counter.In addition, in order to avoid honey, we will accommodate 5 out of 7 rooms.
    For customers, thorough alcohol disinfection and temperature measurement at check-in.We ask you to show your ID and wear a mask.
     We will refrain from dinner and anniversary cakes this winter season.
    Thank you.


  • Appearance surrounded by green

     This facility is located a little further back from the streets of Misorano.
    Therefore, you can spend your time in a quiet environment.
  • A garden

    Green The rainy season's garden has a relaxing time ....
  • Dining

    With a fun talk with dining at the colonnade
    Please enjoy meals together.
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Hotel Name

Petit Hotel Anise Garden


829-156 Hokujo, Hakuba Village, Kitaazumi County, Nagano Prefecture

Telephone number



About 10 minutes by car from JR Hakuba Station, about 50 minutes from Kanetsu, Joshinetsu Expressway Nagano IC About 50 minutes from Chuo Expressway Azumino IC

Pick-up presence (condition)
 Guests arriving by train or bus will pick you up at Hakuba Station.
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Anise Garden is such an inn.

  • Anise Garden is "Western style inn" that you can feel free to stay over!

    Among the numerous Hakuba Village websites,
    Thank you for seeing our site.

     "Enjoy the delicious heart with warm hospitality."
    Since opening in 2002, it has been loved by many customers.
     It is a family-run small accommodation but as you can satisfy our customers
    I will spare no effort.
  • Private space

    Guests are welcoming guests in private space such as 7 bathrooms, rooms with toilets, reserved inner bath & outdoor bath.
     Please spend a relaxing time.
     In addition, we will support memories of travel with various accommodation plan according to customer's request.
     For cuisine, we aim for "local production of local products" and develop dishes mainly around local materials as much as possible.
  • Surrounded by nature ....

    Hakuba can be enjoyed every season.
    Green season,Accommodation plan with activities
    Accommodation plan with lift ticket for winter season
    The needs of our customers in the plan, which according to the season
    I will respond.


  • Spring&Summer

    Fresh green and snow in spring
    Summer is a summer vacation, activities, climbing
  • Autumn

    Even if I say it in autumn, splendid autumn leaves
  • Winter

     In winter, skiing, boards and other winter sports are at their best!

Based in Hakuba

  • If you extend a little foot ....

     If you extend your foot a bit based on Hakuba · · ·.
    Kurobe Alpine Route, 50 minutes by car to Fanazawa.
    1 hour by car to Nagano, Zenkoji
    50 minutes by car to Azumino
    Matsumoto, 1 hour 20 minutes by car to Matsumoto Castle
    1 hour by car to Nippon Sea, Niigata Itoigawa

I am waiting for you too!

  • Anise Garden cat cat "Daifuku" of Anise Garden!

    Nice to meet you!
    Nyan who has grown up now(= ^ - ^ =)
     I am sorry.Daifuku fell asleep in the summer of 2021.
    Thank you for your patronage.
    Thank you very much.

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